Why Buy A Tinda Finger?


Many people look at a Tinda Finger as a joke or gimmick, after all, the concept is silly at first glance. But, if you already have Tinder Plus and, or Tinder Gold the device can be especially useful. Once you plug it in, you are free to leave your phone and let the Tinda Finger do the work for you. 


Tinder and other dating apps are designed to help you reach people you may not normally meet. It helps you branch out further and save you time. Tinda Finger adds to this concept by providing users the ability to swipe automatically and filter who they want to have conversations with. 


As advertised, The Tinda Finger swipes right on over 6,000 profile per hour without you having to be near your phone. The device is all about maximizing efficiency and by swiping on so many profiles you are far more likely to find a match you actually really like. To add to this you may find multiple people you like and it gives you a better opportunity to get a date etc. I have personally tested for one hour and within the next 24hrs had 340 matches of which I went on 33 dates. The device works and allows you to focus your time on more productive tasks than manually swiping. After a few hours of uses, the device pays for itself in the amount of time it saves YOU.

Click here and let the Tinda Finger WORK for YOU!